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Table 4 Multivariate analyses of factors associated with getting colonoscopy versus other screening test from online sample

From: Development and evaluation of a new survey instrument to measure the quality of colorectal cancer screening decisions

Factor Odds ratio of Colonoscopy (95%CI)
To know whether or not you have colon cancer 1.83 (1.16, 2.90)
To avoid a test where a tube is put into your rectum 0.70 (0.56, 0.88)
To avoid a test that can cause bleeding or a tear in the colon 0.84 (0.58, 1.21)
To try to find colon cancer or polyps early 0.74 (0.48, 1.14)
To choose a test that does not need to be done every year 1.15 (0.94, 1.40)
To choose a test that doesn’t cost you a lot of money 0.95 (0.79, 1.14)
To avoid a test that may be painful 1.19 (0.91, 1.55)
  1. Bolded factors were significant in the multivariate model.