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Table 1 Indicators: daily client visit activities

From: Comparing a paper based monitoring and evaluation system to a mHealth system to support the national community health worker programme, South Africa: an evaluation

Household activity* Pregnancy visits
Postnatal visits
Children under 5 supported**
Treatment adherence support***
Home based care provided++
Referrals and supervision Clinic referral forms issued
Supervised visits
Follow-up visits
  1. The types of visits used as indicators in the study to measure correspondence, supervision capability and comparing the paper and phone data collection systems.
  2. *Household activities refer to the services or activities rendered at the household by a CHW regarding pregnancy, PN, children under 5, adherence support and home based care. CHWs are asked to tick each box one time per household if they receive mentioned services.
  3. **Under 5: Ticked if any children under the age of five have received services by CHW during the household visit.
  4. ***Treatment adherence support: Ticked if at least one person of the household is taking chronic medication and received adherence support from CHW during the household visit.
  5. ++Home based care: Ticked if support was provided by the CHW for someone with a disability or who is unable or needs help to complete the activities of daily living during the household visit eg., home nursing, palliative care.