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Table 3 GP verbatim comments about why the software functionality and structure did not help guide consultations

From: The challenges of real-world implementation of web-based shared care software: the HopSCOTCH Shared-Care Obesity Trial in Children

Functionality The software wouldn’t always open
  Didn’t work
  For 6/12 the Sidebar didn’t work. With Zed Med it needed wider screen to be helpful – otherwise it effectively took over all Zed Med clinical records space. Roll out NBN?
  Speed was a major issue
  When it worked ok
  Program updates as well as changes to my hardware meant I didn’t get a good routine going in using the program but it is a good principle
  Only seemed to work once
  Unfamiliarity with the software meant it proved to be a distraction and I felt I wasn’t fully focussed on the consult/patient
  Used only twice then software stopped working
  The software wouldn’t always open and actually a nuisance and embarrassing
Structure Didn’t seem intuitive to me
  Too ‘clunky’
  I found it quite fiddly and complicated and spent too much time in the consult with the computer rather than talking to the family.
  Used different order in consultation
  Lots of prompts/guides – information already there
  1. GP comments taken verbatim from the follow-up survey.
  2. NBN, National Broadband Network.