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Table 3 Timeline for workflow and information updates during the demonstrations

From: Designing privacy-friendly digital whiteboards for mediation of clinical progress

Simulated duration Workflow and information updates during the demonstration
10 min Handover meeting
  #1: Sodium (Na) and potassium (K) results for Oliver Hansson’s blood test were ready. Both levels were within reference ranges (normal results). Gabriel Veron was at the operating room and his operation had started.
5 min Visit patient room
  #2: No new information
5 min Visit patient room
  #3: Troponin and haemoglobin results for Oliver Hansson. Both within reference ranges. Other laboratory results were expected to be available any minute. Chest X-ray was expected within 5 minutes.
10 min Visit patient room
  #4: Chest X-ray and radiology summary report of Oliver Hansson were available. More laboratory results were also available (ALAT, GT, Platelets, WBC, CRP). Both the radiology report and several of the laboratory results were abnormal. Gabriel Veron’s operation was to be finished within 30 minutes.
10 min Visit patient room
  #5: A referral for urgent surgery was available for Oliver Hansson. Additionally, a nurse had written a comment on Mark Henderson.