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Table 2 List of patients admitted at the fictive ward unit (on imagined date 18th January)

From: Designing privacy-friendly digital whiteboards for mediation of clinical progress

Room Patient Diagnose/Problem Most recent events Current plan
510 Thomas Anderson, 03.12.82 Abdominal pain Normal blood test results. Normal abdominal ultrasound.  
511 Mary Benson, 12.04.76 Colon cancer Ultrasound kidneys 15th Jan. Operation 20th Jan.
512 Monica Lot, 27.06.46 Pancreatitis MRCP 19th Jan. Control CRP and Amylase every day. Drainage
513 Janet Marsh, 13.12.44 Cholangitis Has a urinary catheter. Ampicillin i.v.
514 Gerda Dempsey, 05.02.38 Crohn TPN since 13th Jan. CT 14th Jan. Ordered gastro-enterological consult.
515 Mark Henderson, 30.08.64 Appendicitis Operation 18th January Abdominal X-ray 18th Jan. Can eat from 9 pm.
516 Oliver Hansson, 31.01.50 Abdominal pain; chest pain Is at the moment at the imaging department for chest X-ray. Fasting, awaiting blood test results and imaging.
517 Gabriel Veron, 19.05.23 Rectal bleeding Known AAA. Gastroscopy 17th Jan. Operation.