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Figure 2

From: Temporal representation of care trajectories of cancer patients using data from a regional information system: an application in breast cancer

Figure 2

Algorithm representing care trajectories. Figure 2 presents an illustration of the representation of the care trajectory for a patient with infiltrating ductal adenocarcinoma of the breast. The diagnosis was established on examination of a biopsy by pathologists in a laboratory in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime (17CBLAR). Treatment was a sequence of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy (4 sessions) in Nantes cancer center, Loire Atlantique (44CLRCC), followed by partial mastectomy and lymph node removal performed in Niort private hospital, Deux-Sèvres (79PCINK) and then 30 sessions of irradiation in Niort general hospital, Deux Sèvres (79CHNIO). * LNR: Lymph Node Removal, (I) The extended form integrates periods without any event noted I, where the start corresponds to the day following the previous state and the end to the day preceding the following state.

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