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Table 1 Summary of issues and options for on-going linkage

From: Technical challenges of providing record linkage services for research

Operational feature Options
On-going linkage - Link to most recent record in group vs. link to all records
  - Best-link matching vs. merging groups
Linkage automation - Spectrum from fully automated to only the grouping process automated
Links stored - No history stored
  - Snapshots stored
  - Full history stored within linkage map
Handling different linkage scenarios - Only on-going linkage
- Manual processes for project based linkage
  - Access to on-going linkage system used for project based linkage
  - Build system which can handle multiple scenarios
Amended and deleted records - No handling of amended and deleted records
  - Amended records: Changing personal identifiers only vs deleting and re-linking
  - Deleted records: Simple removal, or using pair information to reconstitute groups