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Table 1 The semi-structured interview guide used during the focus group interviews

From: Lead users’ ideas on core features to support physical activity in rheumatoid arthritis: a first step in the development of an internet service using participatory design

Questions asked during the FGIs 1. In your experiences, what enhances your physical activity?
2. What ideas do you have concerning facilitating factors for physical activity in individuals with RA?
3. What ideas do you have concerning important content on a website targeting physical activity in individuals with RA?
4. How could these ideas appear on a website?
5. In your opinion, which are the three most important experiences/ideas discussed today?
Prompts and scenarios 1 ‘Can you tell me more about…’, ‘What did you think/feel then…’ ‘Pretend that a friend of yours has decided that she wants to be more physically active. She has never been a very active person. What should she do to start exercising? What advice would you give her?’
  ‘Pretend that you just have gone through surgery and now you are back home. How do you get back to your old habits?’
  1. Note: FGI, Focus group interview; RA, Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  2. 1Examples of prompts and scenarios used to facilitate the discussion on participants’ actions, thoughts and feelings, and to cover situations on adoption and maintenance of physical activity.