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Table 1 Development Characteristics of PtDAs Delivered on the Internet [2730, 72, 73]

From: Delivering patient decision aids on the Internet: definitions, theories, current evidence, and emerging research areas

Internet-delivered PtDAs Includes all PtDAs for which some or all parts are delivered using the Internet.
Internet-available PtDAs May include PtDAs that were initially developed and tested in other formats (e.g., paper, audio, or video), then made available on the Internet. For example, several PtDA brochures were originally created as paper worksheets, and then made available online for individuals to download, print, and complete.
Internet-adapted PtDAs May include PtDAs created in other formats that were purposefully adapted to allow individuals to use them directly on the Internet. Examples include adapting paper worksheets into interactive questionnaires, and adapting text and video components of PtDA DVDs into websites. While Internet-adapted PtDAs may have been rigorously tested and evaluated in their original format, it is important to consider whether the adapted version has been tested and evaluated as used on the Internet.
Internet-based PtDAs May include PtDAs that were specifically designed and tested for use on the Internet. Examples include websites designed to help patients with specific health care decisions by interactively tailoring information and support to their needs, or by providing opportunities for family members to participate in the discussion. Internet-based features may also include e-mail, discussion forums, blogs, or social media sites (e.g., Facebook, patient community websites) facilitated by clinicians, decision coaches, peers, or patient advocacy groups.