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Table 1 Frequency of Measurement of Decision-making Process Constructs and Sample Items

From: Establishing the effectiveness of patient decision aids: key constructs and measurement instruments

  Recognize Decision Feel Informed Feel Clear about Values Discuss Goals with HCP Be Involved
Frequency of use 13 55 56 8 33
Unique measurement instruments 6 5 5 5 20
Survey instrument, sample item, and response set PDMS: Did this educational material help you realize that a decision needs to be made? (“Not at all” to “A great deal”) DCS: I understand the options for treatment of X. (“Strongly agree” to “Strongly disagree”) DCS: It is clear which benefits and harms matter most to me. (“Strongly agree” to “Strongly disagree”) PICS: My doctor encouraged me to talk about my personal concerns related to my medical symptoms (“Strongly agree” to “Strongly disagree”) CPS: Please select the option that reflects how you would like your medical decisions to be made:
• I prefer to make the final decision
• I prefer to make the final decision after seriously considering my doctor’s opinion
• I prefer that my doctor and I share responsibility for the decision
• I prefer that the doctor makes the decision after he/she seriously considers my opinion
• I prefer my doctor to make the decision
Named measurement instruments used SWD (n=4) PICS (n=3) PDMS (n=2) DCS (n=45) SWD (n=4) SDMP (n=4) DSI (n=1) DCS (n=46); SWD (n=3); SDMP (n=3); PDMS (n=2) PICS (n=3); PDMS (n=2) CPS (n=9); SDMP (n=3); API (n=2); COMRADE (n=1); DSI (n=1); PSDM (n=1); PDC (n=1)
  1. Legend: HCP=health care provider; PDMS=Preparation for Decision Making Scale; DCS=Decisional Conflict Scale; PICS=Perceived Involvement in Care Scale; CPS=Control Preferences Scale (including adaptations); SWD=Satisfaction with Decision; SDMP=Satisfaction with Decision Making Process; API=Autonomy Preference Index; DSI=Decision Satisfaction Inventory; PSDM=Problem Solving Decision Making Scale; PDC=Perceived Decision Control.