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Table 4 Types and Frequency of Guidance Provided within PtDAs

From: Coaching and guidance with patient decision aids: A review of theoretical and empirical evidence

Type of Guidance Frequency of occurrence in published studies
Step-by-step process for making the decision 27
Worksheet with questions relevant to the decision-making process 31
Administered by the physician in the consultation or by a research assistant (e.g., decision boards, decision cards, or computer program) 9
Explicitly tells patients to communicate with their practitioners by asking questions and sharing their preferences 7
Interactive computer programs: inherently guided the patient through the PtDA and decision-making process 6
Summaries that could be shared with the practitioner(s) during the consultation (e.g., completed worksheets/workbook, computer printout indicating treatment preferences, letter with results of decision analysis) 42
  1. For more information, see “Table of Characteristics of Included Studies” in the Cochrane Collaboration Review of Patient Decision Aids [43]