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Table 6 Eight Criteria used in Review II to Assess PtDAs’ Reading Level Accessibility and PtDA Trials’ Attention to Literacy

From: Addressing health literacy in patient decision aids

Original IPDAS Literacy Criteria
1 Is the PtDA written at a level that can be understood by the majority of patients in the target group?
2 Is the PtDA written at a grade 8 or equivalent level or less according to readability score [SMOG or FRY]?
3 Does the PtDA provide ways to help patients understand information other than reading [audio, video, in-person]?
PtDA Trial Design Criteria
4 Was the PtDA web-based?
5 Were study groups stratified by literacy?
6 Were study groups stratified by education?
7 Were low literacy groups over-sampled?
8 Were any conclusions drawn regarding literacy? (If yes, what?)