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Table 3 Partial Summary of Review I Findings Relative to PtDA Goal 1: to support users to understand health information relevant to their decision

From: Addressing health literacy in patient decision aids

Health Information Design Features that Improved Comprehension for Lower Health Literacy Individuals in at Least One Study
• Presenting essential information by itself or first [25]
• Presenting numerical information in tables or pictographs rather than text [19, 21, 26]
• Presenting numerical information so that the higher number is better (i.e. “nurses per patient”(more is better) rather than “patients per nurse” (less is better)) [25]
• Presenting numerical information with the same denominator [21]
• Using natural frequencies (e.g. 1 out of 100) to help individuals understand the probability of disease following testing [20]
• Adding video to verbal narratives to improve the salience of information about health states [27]