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Table 1 Inclusion Criteria for Review I

From: Addressing health literacy in patient decision aids

Inclusion Category Inclusion Criteria
Study Population All ages, races, ethnicities, and cultural groups in developed countries.
Health literacy and numeracy levels of individuals are either objectively or subjectively measured and reported for individuals in the population.
Health Outcomes Includes decision-making outcome of interest:
Values clarity
Decision certainty
Decision regret
Decision confidence
Desire for participation in decision
Question asking
Actual participation in decision
Communication quality
     Information provision/receipt
     Good processes of communication/care
     Satisfaction with communication/decision/care
Health Literacy Intervention Interventions that authors report are specifically designed to mitigate the effects of low health literacy.
Study Design Cross-sectional and cohort studies of the effects of health literacy and numeracy on decision making outcomes.
Experimental studies of the effects of interventions on health outcomes.
Study Analyses Stratified by Health Literacy Level with levels for analysis clearly specified.
Publication Status Peer-reviewed articles. English language.