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Table 1 Coding tool for Finnish and Greek websites

From: An analysis of online health information on schizophrenia or related conditions: a cross-sectional survey

Indicators Items
Types a Commercial
(only one possible option) Personal page dev. by professional(s)
  University website
  Non-profit organization
  Open source
  Other (e.g. blogs)
Characteristics a Scope:
(yes=1, no=0)     Specific (mental health)
No total score     Broad (health)
      Broader (general information)
  Ownership structure:
  Ownership type:
  Country of origin:
  Drug company involved
  Professional Editorial board involved
  Health professional involved
  Promotion of prod/service
  Other languages available
  Online services
  HON certification
Accountability Authorshipb:
(yes=1, no=0)     Credited
(score 0–9)     Affiliations
      Source given
    Reference given
      Site ownership
    Site sponsorship
      Modified last 1/12 months
    Last date of mod. specified
Interactivity a Intra-site search engine
(yes=1, no=0) Audio/Video support
(score 0–5) Evaluation quest.
  Supportive bodies
  Possibility to contact webmaster
Aesthetics b Headings/subheadings
(yes=1, no=0) Diagrams
(score 0–4) Hyperlinks
  Absence of ads
Content c Diagnosis
(yes=1, no=0) Treatment
No total score Patient association information
  Clinics information
  1. aNavigation through website.
  2. bFive random webpages within website.
  3. cDirect webpage.