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Table 1 Development lexicon entries for terms and term groups and uncertainty profiles

From: Automated identification of pneumonia in chest radiograph reports in critically ill patients

Terms and term groups Uncertainty profiles
Pneumonia-related Non-pneumonia Low uncertainty High uncertainty or Versus
Pneumonia Atelectasis Probable Cannot exclude
Bronchopneumonia Edema Consider Clinical correlation
Air bronchogram Congestive heart failure Concerning for Could represent
Consolidation Heart failure Consistent with Possible
Infiltrate ARDS Suspicious Rule out
Opacity Fluid overload Suspect Questionable
Density Infarct Suggestive of Might
Pneumonitis Contusion Likely representing May
Pneumonic Hemorrhage Compatible with  
Abcess Mass   Versus
Aspiration Low lung volume   Plus minus
Cavity Hypoinflation   Or
Airspace disease/process Congestion   And/or
Parenchymal process Malignancy   /
  1. The table does not include all sub-combinations (‘pneumonic infiltrate’) or morphological variants (‘clinical correlation’ and ‘clinically correlate’).