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Table 5 Summary of hypothesis testing results

From: An investigation of the effect of nurses’ technology readiness on the acceptance of mobile electronic medical record systems

Hypothesis p-value Results
H1a: Optimism→Perceived ease of use <0.001*** Supported
H1b: Optimism→Perceived usefulness <0.001*** Supported
H2a: Innovativeness→Perceived ease of use 0.007** Supported
H2b: Innovativeness→Perceived usefulness 0.636 Failed to support
H3a: Insecurity→Perceived ease of use 0.007** Supported
H3b: Insecurity→Perceived usefulness 0.744 Failed to support
H4a: Discomfort→Perceived ease of use <0.001*** Supported
H4b: Discomfort→Perceived usefulness 0.511 Failed to support
H5: Perceived ease of use→Perceived usefulness <0.001*** Supported
H6: Perceived ease of use→Behavioral intention <0.001*** Supported
H7: Perceived usefulness→Behavioral intention <0.001*** Supported
  1. Note: ** p<0.01, *** p<0.001.