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Table 3 Questions made to IT department representatives of hospitals about AT in their IS

From: Analysis of the quality of hospital information systems audit trails

Question Answers
What is the number of IS that have AT? • One IS per institution. Actual answers were: LIS (Laboratory Information System) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) (twice). There are computer applications that, although with the ability to store AT viewing, have this functionality disabled (e.g. Pathology Lab IS)
What is the frequency that someone asks to use this data? • All representatives said very rarely or none. One representative argued that very few people knew that it was even possible to have this information
What were the reasons to access AT? • Only one representative answered that the AT were used (very rarely) to audit if doctors have seen the radiology reports in ER before making the patient discharge
What are the potential main benefits to record these AT? • It allows the institution to reason about the usefulness of each software component and calculate its cost-benefit
• It helps to do health service research
• It may legally support medical decisions
• It may dissuade inappropriate user access to patient data
What are the main problems to record those AT? • Too much data to maintain (one answer)
• Makes the systems slower (one answer)
Have you direct access to them, or need to ask the SW providers? • Direct access, by accessing the database tables (all answered the same)