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Table 1 Symptoms or diagnostic findings leading to prostate cancer diagnosis

From: Interdisciplinary decision making in prostate cancer therapy – 5-years’ time trends at the Interdisciplinary Prostate Cancer Center (IPC) of the Charité Berlin

  Cohort I Cohort II p-value*
(%) (%)
Elevated PSA levels 86.8 88.9 >.05
Suspicious palpation 25 13.4
Histology after TURP 2.5 4.6
PCa associated symptoms 7.1 10.6  
  1. *Student´s T-test; Symptoms or diagnostic findings leading to PCa diagnosis: elevated PSA levels, suspicious palpation of the prostate, incidental histology after transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) and PCa associated symptoms.