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Table 1 List of key Patient Identifiers (PIs) specified to be de-identified in the U.K. to create a de-identified database as stipulated by the Caldicott Code on Confidentiality

From: Development and evaluation of a de-identification procedure for a case register sourced from mental health electronic records

What are patient identifiers? First Name
  Middle Name
  Last Name
  Current and Old Address Line 1
  Current and Old Address Line 2
  Current and Old Address Post code
  Current and Old Telephone Numbers
  Current and Old Email addresses
  Date of birth
  National Health Service (NHS) Identification (ID) numbers*
  Hospital specific ID numbers
  Rare or unique characteristics
  1. *NHS numbers are assigned to every resident of the U.K.
  2. These are all personal to the patient. There is no obligation to de-identify all non-patient information such as clinical staff names.