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Table 1 Drug-related information included in the dashboard

From: Development and initial evaluation of a treatment decision dashboard

Drug (Dashboard abbreviation) Pain relief * Risk of side effects Risk of drug-drug interactions Cost Administration
Acetaminophen (a) 0.21 Low Moderate Low 1 tablet every 6 hours
Topical NSAID (b) 0.41 Low Low High Cream twice a day
Capsaicin (c) 0.30 Low Low Moderate Cream twice a day
NSAID + misoprostol (d) 0.32 High High Moderate 2 tablets twice a day
NSAID + PPI (e) 0.32 Moderate High Very High 2 tablets twice a day
NSAIDs (f) 0.32 Moderate High Low 1 tablet twice a day
Celecoxib (g) 0.44 Moderate High High 1 tablet twice a day
Chondroitin sulfate (h) 0.30 Low Low Moderate 1 tablet twice a day
Glucosamine sulfate (i) 0.45 Low Moderate Moderate 1 tablet twice a day
  1. * - Pain relief summarized using reported effect size.
  2. Abbreviations: NSAID = non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug; PPI = proton pump inhibitor.