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Table 4 Ratings of the diagnostic algorithm by expert members of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) guidelines panel for diagnosing and managing catheter associated bacteriuria

From: Development and validation of an algorithm to recalibrate mental models and reduce diagnostic errors associated with catheter-associated bacteriuria

  Content meets Content meets Content meets feasibility standard
Criterion standard Diagnostic standard
Questions posed to IDSA guidelines panel members Does the algorithm appropriately reflect the definition of CA-UTI as per the IDSA guidelines? Does the algorithm reflect an appropriate approach to diagnosis and treatment of CAUTI vs. ABU, as recommended by the IDSA CAUTI guidelines? Could you apply this algorithm to your own catheterized inpatients?
Experts’ ratings, mean (standard deviation) 8.1 (sd=1.1) 7.1 (sd=1.2) 8.0 (sd=1.6 )
  1. (N=7).
  2. Ratings were based on 10-point numerical scale with higher numbers indicating stronger agreement.