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Table 1 Selection of trials included into our study

From: Evaluation of data completeness in the electronic health record for the purpose of patient recruitment into clinical trials: a retrospective analysis of element presence

Hospital Study identifier Disease Parent population Number of criteria
Münster NCT01177033 intermittent claudication 299 18
Münster NCT00976222 pigment epithelial detachment 3330 25
Münster NCT00961142 acute leukemia 2065 39
Erlangen NCT00866684 skin cancer 10589 21
Erlangen NCT00025402 chronic myelogenous leukemia 1806 16
Erlangen NCT00310583 mechanical hyperalgesia 4438 31
Heidelberg NCT01165671 primary glioblastoma 22280 22
Heidelberg NCT00176150 anorexia nervosa 22280 3
Heidelberg NCT00750971 lupus erythematosus 22280 21
Düsseldorf NCT00798525 critical illnesses 708 13
Düsseldorf NCT00933374 urothelial carcinoma 2091 40
Düsseldorf NCT00977132 myelodysplastic syndrome 2351 30
Gießen DOI 10.1111/j.1365-2044.2012.07303.x general anaesthesia 5500 7
Gießen NCT01146821 sepsis 208 49
Gießen DRKS00003264 abdominal surgery 5500 16
  1. Detailed legend: Each participating hospital selected 3 clinical trials, for which the study identifier, the disease under investigation, as well as the size of the parent population and the number of eligibility criteria are given in this table. Study identifiers beginning with NCT are related to and the identifier beginning with DRKS relates to the German register One trial was not registered and thus has no identifier. For this study we show the digital object identifier (DOI) of the publication of the trial’s results. The parent population includes all patients admitted in the fourth quarter of 2011 to the clinical department that conducted the trial.