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Table 2 Predicting variables present in ten random sets and in the final model

From: Bayesian predictors of very poor health related quality of life and mortality in patients with COPD

Variable Definition of variable Model number
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Final
Gender male/female          
Current smoking reported smoking yes/no            
Year of onset of COPD numerical variable           
Age at onset of COPD numerical variable            
Age at onset of asthma numerical variable           
Duration of COPD numerical variable            
Hypertension diagnosed hypertension with medication yes/no            
Cerebrovascular disease diagnosed cerebrovascular disease yes/no      
Peripheral artery occlusive disease diagnosed peripheral artery occlusive disease yes/no            
Any cardiovascular disease diagnosed any cardiovascular disease yes/no           
Diabetes diagnosed diabetes yes/no      
Metabolic syndrome diagnosed metabolic syndrome yes/no           
Hypercholesterolemia diagnosed hypercholesterolemia with medication yes/no           
Hypothryreosis diagnosed hypothyreosis with medication yes/no            
Alcoholism diagnosed alcoholism yes/no  
Cancer diagnosed cancer yes/no    
Atrial fibrillation diagnosed permanent atrial fibrillation yes/no     
Psychiatric disease diagnosed any psychiatric disease yes/no    
Body mass index 1. BMI < 20         
2. BMI 20–25
3. BMI 25.1 – 30
4. BMI > 30
Body mass index change numerical variable         
DLcCOVA % of predicted numerical variable            
RV % of predicted numerical variable            
FVC baseline % of predicted numerical variable           
FEV1 at baseline % of predicted numerical variable        
QRS axel in ECG numerical variable           
QTc duration in ECG numerical variable        
QRS duration in ECG numerical variable