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Table 1 Summary of aspects and statements from the requirements interviews

From: Decision support for hospital bed management using adaptable individual length of stay estimations and shared resources

Aspect Statement
Are patient admissions plannable? The majority of admissions are plannable, although with different deadlines.
How do you perform the planning task? We use lists for planning and categorize patients into three priority groups.
What are the characteristics of the priority groups? The priority is mainly characterized by the length of the planning period.Admission within: Priority 1 24 hours Priority 2 a week Priority 3 long term, in general within two months
How many patients are on a list? Up to 100.
What planning aspects do you consider? We consider:
Treatment priority
Dependencies with respect to the patient’s treatment process
Availability of the required resources
Patient’s preferences with respect to the patient’s condition and health insurance
Uniform resource utilization
How do you use the clinical IT system? We use the clinical information system for:
Reviewing resources
Booking of resources
Is decision support provided by IT? No, not directly. Indirect support is provided by outlining the planned resources.
What are your demands on a DSS? Modifications of the LoS, treatment, and care plans must be considered as early as possible. Furthermore, the DSS must pay regard to:
Patient’s treatment priority
Patient’s preferences
Utilization of the wards
Provision and utilization of emergency beds
Easy and interactive usage, allowing user modifications and providing re-computation
Dependencies within the patient’s treatment process shall be considered early. Furthermore, there shall be supported:
Periodically occurring treatments
Patient preferences shall be modifiable