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Table 1 Summary of data description, sources and methods used for data collection

From: Health communication in primary health care -A case study of ICT development for health promotion

Data source Sample description Data collection methods
Field study A total of 251 visitors were registered during the 3 week period of field studies. Participatory observations with a field manual to guide data collection under 3 months; 2 days a week in 2008–2009.
A manual was used to guide data collection
Documents One National Public Health Policy 2007/08:110 National policy documents identified and attained during previous study in the same project.
One National pharmacy (Apotekets AB) Action Plan 2002. County council documents retrieved through manual and internet searches through County Council website. using the terms “Hälsotorg”,
Three County Council plans; 2007–2009, 2008–2010, 2009–2011 “Health promotion AND Sweden”, “Primary Health Care” and “Policy” Combinations of these terms were also used.
One Hälsotorg evaluation report 2008 Monthly Hälsotorg reports kept by personnel under the field study period documenting
Three Hälsotorg network Meeting Hälsotorg activities and visitor’ statistics
protocols 2008–2009 Health information materials at Hälsotorg
Four Monthly reports covering the period of field study from the four Hälsotorgs in the region 2008 collected during the field study
Printed materials on lifestyle health problems from Hälsotorg.  
Information on Hälsotorg activitities.  
Focus groups Total (N=30) persons took part in 5 groups of 3–9 persons/group Focus group discussions, using semi-structured interview guide.
Group 1 and 2: DN from PHC (n=9)  
Group 3: Hälsotorg network group consisting of 6
(3 pharmacists, 3 DN’s) Hälsotorg personnel from the other three Hälsotorgs in the region , 1 PHC manager, 1 Regional public health strategist, 1 Psychiatry clinic manager and 1 Dental clinic manager (n=10)
Group 4: Immigrants at a Swedish language instructions class (n=8; 6 women, 2 women), ages 26–50. Length of stay in Sweden 6 months – 8 years
Group 5: Hälsotorg Personnel in PHC setting of the case study (n=3)