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Table 1 Type of data available from telemedicine projects

From: The challenges of implementing a telestroke network: a systematic review and case study

Country Projects Process description, evaluation Outcomes research Internet resources
  REACH, Georgia x x  
  TELEBAT, Maryland x x  
  Massachusetts   x  
  STARR, Arizona x   
  SOS, Houston Texas x x  
  INTEGRIS, Oklahoma    x
UK East of England    x
  Northumbria    x
  Scottish Telestroke    x
  Avon, Gloucestershire, Wilts,    x
  East Kent    x
Europe Finnish Network x   
  STENO, Germany   x  
  TEMPiS, Germany x x  
  TESS, Germany x x  
  Barcelona, Spain x x  
Canada Edmonton   x  
  Ontario   x x
  British Columbia    x
  Totals 8 11 8