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Table 3 WQA assessed website titles and associated URLs

From: Generic medicines: an evaluation of the accuracy and accessibility of information available on the internet

Website number Website title URL
1 Generic drug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2 Generic Drugs: Know the Benefits and Differences of Generic Drugs
3 Generic drugs, Are They as Good as Brand Names?
4 Understanding Generic Drugs
5 Branded and generic medicines
6 WHO - Generic Drugs
7 RxList – Facts About Generic Drugs
8 EGA - European Generic medicines Association
9 National Medicines Information Centre - Generic Prescribing
10 Generic Drugs - What are Generic Drugs?
11 GPhA - Generic Pharmaceutical Association
12 Generic / Brand Drug Name Table
13 Generic vs Brand Name Medicines
14 AIDS, Drug Prices and Generic Drugs
15 Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association
16 Generics Are The Same
17 Generic Drugs In Canada: A Policy Paper
18 Benefiting from Generic Drug Competition in Canada: The Way Forward$FILE/GenDrugStudy-Report-081125-fin-e.pdf
19 Generic Drugs – The Same Medicine for Less Money
20 Generic Drugs
21 The Generic Medicines industry Association of Australia
22 Australian Prescriber: Frequently asked questions about generic medicines
23 Pricing of PBS Medicine - Medicare Australia
24 Questions and answers on generic medicines