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Table 2 Definitions of key constructs in this study

From: A Socio-technical assessment of the success of picture archiving and communication systems: the radiology technologist’s perspective

Variables Generic IS definition PACS-specific definition
System quality The degree to which the SIS is easy to use [16]. The extent to which PACS is easy to use.
Information quality The degree to which information produced has the attributes of content, accuracy, and format required by the user [16]. The extent to which the information quality of the output via PACS is sufficient, accurate, and up-to-date.
Service quality The overall user assessment and service delivery assessment in the virtual marketplace [37]. The extent that PACS performs the service correctly the first time and the ability to fulfill its agreements.
Perceived usefulness The degree to which the user believes that using a particular system has enhanced his or her job performance [16]. The extent that RTs believe that utilizing PACS has improved his/her job performance.
User satisfaction The degree of user satisfaction with the system [16]. The degree of RT’s satisfaction with PACS.
PACS Dependence The degree to which the user is dependent on the IS for the execution of their tasks [16]. The degree to which the RT is dependent on PACS for the execution of their tasks.