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Table 1 Summary of perception-based studies of PACS

From: A Socio-technical assessment of the success of picture archiving and communication systems: the radiology technologist’s perspective

Study type Study Population studies and setting Analyzed sample size Response rate Variance explained Theoretical base
Adoption Chang et al. [17] Radiology department directors 35 53% Not reported Technology-Organization-Environment Model
Acceptance Duyck et al. [28] Radiologists and Technologists 56 59.6% 47-49% Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT)
Duyck et al. [12] Radiologists and Physicians Time1: 203 Not reported Not reported UTAUT
Time2: 159
Aldosari [11] Consultants, radiologists, residents, technologists, and others 89 74% 41% Technology Acceptance Model
Evaluation of success Paré et al. [26] Radiologists (R), Technologists (T), and Clinicians (C) 232 27% R: 79.2% IS Success Model
T: 58.7%
      C: 64.1%