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Table 1 Top 10 ranked interactions from the hybrid approach (cosine)

From: Discovering context-specific relationships from biological literature by using multi-level context terms

CTD-complex0.95 Disease Chemical PMID
D058225:D016229 Plaque,
Amyloid beta-peptides 21575663
D000544:D020932 Alzheimer disease Nerve growth factor 20965859
D005182:D000544 Alzheimer disease Flavin-adenine dinucleotide 12127087
D015850:D000544 Alzheimer disease Interleukin-6 20667498
D000544:D014409 Alzheimer disease Tumor necrosis factor-alpha 21327054
D000544:D015415 Alzheimer disease Biological markers  
D005182:D002311 Cardiomyopathy,
Flavin-adenine dinucleotide  
D000544:D016229 Alzheimer disease Amyloid beta-peptides 21726674
D002311:D016229 Cardiomyopathy,
Amyloid beta-peptides  
D000544:D007328 Alzheimer
Insulin 21525299