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Table 2 and the 14 WHO primary registries, with the number of registered trials per 19 March 2012 (‘studies’), whether the register is indexed by the WHO search portal (‘indexed’) and whether the registry also enables results publication (‘results’)

From: Deficiencies in the transfer and availability of clinical trials evidence: a review of existing systems and standards

Register Studies Indexed Results (United States) 122,758 yes yes (5,436)
European Union Clinical Trials Register 17,102 no no
ISRCTN register (international) 10,465 yes no
Japan Primary Registries Network 8,329 yes no
Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry 6,369 yes no
The Netherlands National Trial Register 3,187 yes no
Clinical Trials Registry - India 2,499 yes no
Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials 2,449 yes no
Chinese Clinical Trial Register 2,004 yes no
German Clinical Trials Register 831 yes no
Cuban Public Registry of Clinical Trials 392 yes no
South Korea Clinical Research Information Service 379 yes no
Brazilian Clinical Trials Registry 131 no no
Pan African Clinical Trial Registry 97 yes no
Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry 71 yes no