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Table 1 Four illustrative CDS targets: clinical performance gaps and CDS opportunities

From: A conceptual framework and protocol for defining clinical decision support objectives applicable to medical specialties

Clinical Performance Gap CDS opportunity targeting the gap
Many patients receiving chemotherapy are at risk of experiencing adverse events due to errors in chemotherapy ordering. [Oncology] Alert at the time of ordering or infusion if chemotherapy orders differ from accepted standards
Patients undergoing total hip or total knee replacement surgery may not receive VTE prophylaxis when it is indicated. [Orthopedic surgery] Order set for VTE prophylaxis that recommends treatment customized to patient’s bleeding risk and that conforms to guidelines
Nearly half of patients with STEMI receive no reperfusion therapy or receive delayed reperfusion (>12 hours after onset). [Interventional cardiology] Alert to inform ED physician and staff of possible ACS diagnosis triggered by abnormal biomarkers
Children with asthma are not routinely monitored for control of their condition. [Pediatrics] Pathway to guide dose escalation or medication substitution
  1. Notes: VTE = Venous Thromboembolism, STEMI = ST Segment Elevation Myocardial infusion, ED = Emergency Department, ACS = Acute Coronary Syndrome.