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Table 2 Analysis modes

From: The freetext matching algorithm: a computer program to extract diagnoses and causes of death from unstructured text in electronic health records

Analysis mode Read term trigger Specific features
Death Read term for death Extract date of death and death certificate categories. Test results are not extracted.
Pregnancy Read term for pregnancy or text stating ‘pregnant’ Duration in weeks is interpreted as gestational age
Labtest Read term for test type A numerical value or ‘normal’, ‘abnormal’ (depending on the test type) can be interpreted as the test result
Normal Read term for certain investigations (e.g. chest radiograph) The words ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’ can be interpreted as the result
Date Read term stating date The text is expected to contain a single date
Sicknote Read term stating ‘MED3’ (sickness certificate) or similar Dates are regarded as sick certificate start and end dates
Standard Read term not in one of the above categories Standard analysis