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Table 1 Domains, Definitions, and Variables of the Conceptual Model of Implementation of eGFR reporting

From: Implementation of automated reporting of estimated glomerular filtration rate among Veterans Affairs laboratories: a retrospective study

Domain Definition1 Variable
Facility context Characteristics of the medical centers that may affect implementation Number of acute care beds; Facility complexity score2; Affiliation with an academic medical center; Presence of nephrologists; Presence of a dialysis unit
Implementation activities and Structures Approaches used to directly introduce, spread, and support the implementation Use of clinical champions; Monitoring of guideline implementation; Fostering of collaboration among facilities; Presence of plan for implementation; Presence of teamwork for implementation; Available financial resources for implementation
Staff awareness and capabilities Characteristics of staff responsible for implementing the innovation Resistance from Primary Care Providers; Subspecialists; Local Support staff to QI
  1. 1 Definitions derived from Van Deusen Lukas’ conceptual model. Adapted from Table 2 of Reference [10]. 2 Facility complexity is a composite measure describing patient volume, level of intensive care services, patient risk, residency slots, research funds, and specialty physicians at VHA facilities.