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Table 9 Medical Training Applications

From: A Systematic Review of Healthcare Applications for Smartphones

Application Version (price) Platforms Description Functions
iCPR URL48 (,Bologna, Italy) [71] Lite-1.3 (free),Full-1.1 (free) iOS An application for CPRr training, based onboth American Heart AssociationandEuropean Resuscitation Council guidelines. CPRr tutorial; measures chest compressionrate; gives audiovisual feedback.
iResus URL49[70] 1.41(free) iOS Provides access to UK’s resuscitationguidelines algorithms. Includes adult and pediatric algorithms; displaysalgorithms in an intuitive and interactive format;pulls latest algorithms from a central server.
  1. This table presents the version, platforms, a short description, and a list of functions of the two medical training applications for healthcare professionals.
  2. r CPR: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
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