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Table 6 Literature Search Applications

From: A Systematic Review of Healthcare Applications for Smartphones

Application Version (price) Platforms Description Functions
PubSearch URL35[51] 1.6 (free) iOS An application for medical literaturesearches from PubMed. Searches PubMed; display search results; sort byauthors, title, journal or year; display article’sabstract; bibliographic entry.
PubMed on Tap URL36[41, 42, 56] 2.6 ($2.99) iOS A medical literature search toolfor iPhone. Searches and displays reference information fromPubMed; store references in a searchable personallibrary; email references from within the application;advanced search specifying search field and usinglogic operators; links to full text articles; rememberrecent searches; navigation between references.
MD on Tap URL37[50, 55, 5759, 6365] 2.1 (free) Palm OS,Windows CE,Windows Mobile An application that retrieves MEDLINEcitations through Internet connections. Searches using 3 search engines: PubMed, Essie,and Google; previous query history; save citationsas text file; take notes; cluster search results; relatedarticles; auto spell check; links to full-text article.
askMEDLINE URL38[45, 6062] (free) Web-enabledsmartphone. A natural language query tool forPubMed/MEDLINE developedby the NLMf. Searches PubMed by entering natural languagequery; spell checker; handles query in the form ofquestions or complex phrases; MeSH spelleravailable in “MeSH Speller + askMEDLINE” programthat is an extension of askMEDLINE.
PICO URL39[45, 60, 62] (free) Web-enabledsmartphone. A Patient, Intervention, Comparisonand Outcome (PICO) search interfacefor PubMed/MEDLINE developedby the NLMf. Includes 4 text fields: problem, intervention,compare to, and outcome.
DiseaseAssociations URL40[45] (free) Web-enabledsmartphone. A search interface for case reports andreview of reported cases inPubMed/MEDLINE developed by NLMf. Includes three text entry fields: (1) two text fieldsfor sign, symptom, disease, condition, or procedurejoined with AND operator, (2) one text entryassociated with that disease, condition, or procedure.
  1. This table presents the version, platforms, a short description, and a list of functions of the six literature search applications for healthcare professionals.
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