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Table 5 Medical Calculator Applications

From: A Systematic Review of Healthcare Applications for Smartphones

Application Version (price) Platforms Description Functions
EpocratesMedMath URL27[11, 43, 47] 3.18 (free) Palm OS, WindowsMobile, iOS,BlackBerry, Android A medical calculator applicationthat is part of Epocrates Rx andavailable for free. Provides useful medical formula calculatorincluding pregnancy wheel, and basalenergy expenditure etc.
MedCalc URL28[11, 42, 43, 55] 2.3 ($0.99) iOS An application that providesmedical formula calculator. More than 200 medical formulas, scores,scales, and classifications, detailed informationand bibliographic references for each formula,,support for U.S. and SIe units, search forequations by name or keywords, customizablelist of favorite equation.
MedicalCalculator URL29[26, 41] 1.9 ($0.99) iOS An application that computeuseful medical formulas andequations. Includes common formulas and equations,supports U.S. and SIe units.
Calculate URL30[26] 1.3 (free) iOS, BlackBerry,Android A medical formula/equationcalculator and decision supporttool. Supports SIe and imperial units, detailedreferences with PubMed integration, navigatecalculators by specialty.
Archimedes URL31[16, 39] (free) Android, BlackBerry,iOS, Palm OS,Windows Mobile Smartphone version ofArchimedes online medicalcalculator. This application includes more than 150commonly used medical formulas, calculatorselection through multiple indexes, useconventional (U.S.) or SIe units, and formuladetails and explanations.
uBurn Lite URL32[56] 3.1.2 (free) iOS An application to calculate percentburn of body surface area. Calculate percent burn of body surface areafor adult and children, and parkland formula.
Softforce’s AntobioticDosage Calculator URL33[39] 1.2($1.99) iOS A drug dosage calculator forthe treatment of patients withrenal failure. Calculation based on cockroft-gault formula,dosage required for a particular drug, anddosage adjustment.
Paeds ED URL34[41] 1.0.7 (free) iOS A drug dosage calculator tobe used by the Pediatrician. Use guesstimate formula to calculate weightof children from their age in years, calculatecorrect doses of various drugs based onchildren’s weight.
  1. This table presents the version, platforms, a short description, and a list of functions of the eight medical calculator applications for healthcare professionals.
  2. e SI: International System of Units.
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