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Table 3 Barriers to use of the tool

From: Qualitative evaluation of a diabetes electronic decision support tool: views of users

Barriers related to the tool Barriers related to users
·Loading or opening speed too slow ·Users’ poor knowledge with the tool’s functions
·Sometimes pathology results not fully uploaded or no results in the toole.g. eGFR, cholesterol or urine albumin e.g. Not aware of other functions except for the side bar
·Some information not included in the tool ·Time pressure
e.g. information on vaccinations, cardiovascular risk ·No financial incentive to GPs to use the tool
·Problems with the tool’s screene.g. Screen interferes with the existing window, too big and cannot be minimised ·Not fitting the use of the tool with the consultation process
·Lengthened the consultation time  
·Cannot add in new progress notes
e.g. Foot check notes, eye check notes, action and improvement notes
·Wrong alert of resultse.g. sometimes alerts everything in red (as abnormal), still no change even when changing the values manually
·No summary information report for diabetes cycle of care