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Table 1 Features of the Diabetes EDS tool

From: Qualitative evaluation of a diabetes electronic decision support tool: views of users

Key features ·a diabetes ‘toolbar’ showing the patient’s latest key measurements, highlighting whether these are at the recommended level or due for a check-up
·brings critical information together in an easy-to-review format to cover all aspects of the patient’s condition
·allows gps to proactively monitor the patient’s health status and progress to clinical treatment goals
·links with existing clinical record systems enabling the data to be read from and recorded back into the core gp system
Additional features ·prompts informed discussion through interactive and informative summary screens
·easy-to-use analytical screens and graphs to highlight the patient’s progress
·linked to nhmrc and da / racgp diabetes management guidelines
·provides a workflow oriented approach to data entry
·chronological and cumulative summary
·task reminders
·access to resources for gps and patients
·direct links to useful patient information and support tools
Further information ·further information and example of screen grab available at (accessed 28 may 2012).