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Table 1 Biomarker retrieval terminology classes and coverage of the terminology in the annotated corpora

From: Mining biomarker information in biomedical literature

Terminology class Description Examples Annotation found in abstracts
Clinical Management Terms indicating clinical investigations on patients Patient; Cohort study 96%
Diagnostics Terms representing clinical as well as molecular diagnostics Immunohistochemistry; Emission Tomography; Microarray 85%
Prognosis Terms indicating the prediction for a patient /kind of biomarker/ outcome of therapies Surrogate end point; clinical response; biomarker; predictor 88%
Statistics Statistical methods indicating the strength of the biomarker relationship Chi(2) test; mean +/− SD; univariate analysis; Kaplan-Meier Analysis 48%
Evidence Terms describing genetic/ molecular evidence for activity of a gene Mutation; gene amplification; polymorphism; expression 82%
Antecedent Terms expressing exposure to hazardous agents and risk factors Smoker; susceptibility; exposure 20%