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Figure 4

From: Development and evaluation of a computerised clinical decision support system for switching drugs at the interface between primary and tertiary care

Figure 4

Results of the evaluation. Results of the pilot and final evaluation of the CDSS (computerised decision support system). The evaluation was performed by comparing the switch suggestions of the CDSS with those of the clinical pharmacists (CP). CP = CDSS: Drugs substituted similarly by CP and CDSS. CP ≠ CDSS: Relevant differences in automatic and manual switching. CP < CDSS: Suggestion of CDSS is better. CP ≈ CDSS: Both suggestions are considered appropriate. CP > CDSS: Suggestion of CP is better. CDSS ok: Suggestion of CDSS correct but inferior to suggestion of CP. CDSS not ok: Suggestion of CDSS inadequate/wrong.

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