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Table 1 Clinical features examined in this work

From: A multiscale and multiparametric approach for modeling the progression of oral cancer

Ecog status Mobile prosthesis Body mass index (BMI) Grade of differentiation
Weight Dental Cusps Substance Exposition Surgical Margins
Height Galvanic Current Precancerous Lesions Martinez-Gimeno Score
Diabetes Oral Hygiene Duration Anneroths Mod Score
Allergies Infection Immunosuppressor Treatments Presence D2_40Stain
Cholesterol Type Of Infection Immuno Duration P53_STAIN
Hypertension Physical Agents Immuno Type P16Ink4aStain
Family History Of Malignance Type Of Physical Agent Tumor Maximum Diameter EGFR Stain
Smoker Diet Deficit Tumor Thickness CyclinD1Stain
Smoking Habits Fe Haematic Concentration Depth Of Invasion Ki67Stain
Quantity Per Day Plummer Vinson Basaloid Features HPV_DNA
Smoking For Hb Haematic Concentration Lympho Plasmacytic Rection T Staging
Ex Smoker B12 Vitamins Haematic Concentration Lympho Plasmacytic Invasion N Staging
Quitted Smoking A Vitamins Haematic Concentration Perineural Invasion M Staging
Alcohol E Vitamins Haematic Concentration Degree Of Cells Keratinisation  
Drinking Habits Folati Nuclear Pleomorphism  
Mechanical Trauma Eating Habits Number of Mitoses per 10HPF