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Figure 2

From: Temporal aggregation impacts on epidemiological simulations employing microcontact data

Figure 2

Histogram for Distribution of Generated Aggregated Contact Duration. This figure provides a heat map to demonstrating the distribution of generated aggregated contact durations used in the simulation. Each sub-graph represents the CCDF of contact duration for: a) the empirical distribution used in the FullA case; b) the two part power-law exponential distribution commonly used in practice; c) the three part power law-exponential-exponential distribution which provides a better fit to our data; and d) the best fit power law-exponential-exponential with outliers included as single empirical data points. The shade of the point represents the frequency with which a network contained exactly that contact duration-probability pair. Some slight fanning of the distribution in b, c and d at higher contact durations indicates that our network construction algorithm had good but not perfect reconstruction of contact durations when compared to the empirical baseline.

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