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Table 2 Checklist of desirable features for research data management systems[26]

From: Adaptation of a web-based, open source electronic medical record system platform to support a large study of tuberculosis epidemiology

1 Implement security measures and protocols that prohibit unauthorised access to the study and data.
2 Provide adequate audit trail to ensure that all changes pertaining to the conduct of the trial are well documented.
3 Incorporate features to encourage the consistent use of clinical terminology and to alert users that data is out of range.
4 Provide suitable safeguards to isolate identifiable information from the study and ensure that retrieved data regarding each subject is only attributable to that subject.
5 Provide satisfactory backup and recovery protocols to guard against data loss.
6 Provide support for several types of fields (such as dates, text, numerical values) and in various formats (such as files, x-ray images).
7 Facilitate data extraction and the ability to swiftly generate reports.
8 Uphold the cost effectiveness of the system.
9 Endorse minimal development efforts
10 Advocate an advantageous type of licensing.
11 Promote adherence to industry standards, such as the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC)