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Table 1 Pros and cons of using OpenMRS for Estudio Epi

From: Adaptation of a web-based, open source electronic medical record system platform to support a large study of tuberculosis epidemiology

Advantages Disadvantages
• Large user base and support team • Workflow originally designed around clinical care rather than research
• Modular architecture simplifying the addition of new functionality and version control • Required custom code for data exports to SAS
• Many modules and functions already built • Required modification of form entry tools for double entry of data
• Support for open standards for data coding and exchange such as HL7, ICD [17], SNOMED [18], LOINC [19] • Setup for a new study usually requires some programming
• Open source software
• Good data security and auditing functions
• Modules available to link to mobile phone software
• Can be used online or offline
• Potential to have major impact in resource poor environments given existing wide use for clinical care and reporting