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Table 6 Factors included in the vignettes

From: Risk assessment and decision making about in-labour transfer from rural maternity care: a social judgment and signal detection analysis

Factor Aspects
Mother Physical condition of the mother-coping, hydration, vital signs, demeanour
Descent Descent and position of the fetal head
Cervix Condition of the cervix dilatation, effacement application
Contractions Characteristics of the contractions-strength, frequency, regularity
Fetus Condition of the fetus- liquor and etal heart
Non - clinical  
Agreement Level of agreement between mother and midwife about place of birth –preference, attitude to transfer, expectations
Partner Attitude of birth partner– emotional, support of partner, knowledge and expectations
Consultant Led Unit (CLU) Attitude of receiving staff to midwife making the phone call and to birth unit staff
Midwife Led Unit (MLU & CMLU) Characteristics of the birth unit – workload, support, time of day, tiredness
Transfer Transfer issues- availability of care, availability and type of transport , weather