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Table 2 Assumptions for economic analysis

From: Economic analysis of cloud-based desktop virtualization implementation at a hospital

Classification Assumptions
Operation period 2012 to 2016 (five years)
Annual effects Effects occur in the same manner every year. The expected effect occurring after the operation period is not reflected.
Work utilization All users at SNUBH were assumed to utilize VDI beginning in 2012.
Discount rate 4.66%a
Exchange rate US$1= KRW 1,117.5b
ROI Calculated based on the present value.
Present value computation Discounted cash flow (DCF) was used.
Rate of decrease of time spent 20% decrease from the previous year
-Average recovery time due to reduced PC errors and difficulties
-Average update time due to reduced application and OS update time
-Average time taken resulting from reduced account management time
Rate of service demand decrease 10% decrease from the previous year
- Service demand due to reduced PC errors and difficulties
  1. aThe discount rate was set as 4.66%, which was the average interest rate of corporate bonds that Bank of Korea reported in 2010.
  2. bIt was an exchange rate that announced by the Korea Exchange Bank on March 8, 2012.