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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: Visual Aids for Multimodal Treatment Options to Support Decision Making of Patients with Colorectal Cancer

Scenario Reference Disease UICC Stage Mild Therapy Intense Therapy Characteristics
1 [12, 13] colon cancer III OP only OP + adjuvant 5-FU survival benefit of intensive therapy
2 [14] colon cancer II + III adjuvant 5 FU adjuvant 5 FU + Oxaliplatin no survival benefit
3 [1518] rectal cancer I – III OP only OP + short-course radiotherapy no survival benefit
  Reference Disease UICC Stage Pre-OP Option Post-OP Option Characteristics
4 [19] rectal cancer II + III preoperative CRT postoperative CRT no survival benefit
  1. OP, operation; CRT, chemoradiotherapy.