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Table 2 Details of the CPOE systems in use

From: Physicians' Perceptions on the usefulness of contextual information for prioritizing and presenting alerts in computerized physician order entry systems

  Amsterdam Copenhagen Denain Sofia
CPOE name Medicator/ESV EPM CPOE module of DxCare Medica
CPOE vendor iSoft Accure/IBM Medasys Home-grown/Macrosoft
Year of CPOE introduction 2004 Glostrup: 2009 2003 2010
   Herlev: 2007   
   Hillerød: 2006   
Type of alerting Automatic alerts1 Automatic alerts1 Optional alerts2 Automatic alerts1
Basic CDS functionalities according to Kuperman[13]
Drug-allergy checking   X   
Basic dosing guidance X   X X
Formulary decision support     
Duplicate therapy checking X X   
Drug-drug interaction checking X X X  
Advanced CDS functionalities according to Kuperman[13]
None implemented (advanced dosing guidance, guidance for medication-related laboratory testing, drug-disease contraindication checking, drug-pregnancy checking).
  1. 1Automatic alerts are triggered by the system and pop up automatically. 2Optional alerts are triggered by the user and only pop up if the user explicitly asks for advice (e.g. by clicking a “check prescription” button).